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Whether you are suffering from an illness or looking for ways to improve your current state of being, Dr. MB has information and insights to help you on your path to wellness. Drawing on her professional training and experience, Dr. MB will order laboratory tests to guide treatment decisions and is equipped to handle a range of non-urgent medical conditions, illnesses, and routine medical services. 

Dr. MB is commited to conscientious care for the whole person at all stages of life.

Naturopathic Office Visits

Naturopaths typically spend 60 minutes on the initial office visit.  They take a detailed history of the chief complaint as well as a thorough review of body systems.  Any necessary physical exam, in-office treatments, or laboratory evaluation will be recommended and performed.  Follow up visits and problem-focused visits tend to be shorter duration depending on the needs of the patient.  Patients may also schedule for physical exams.

Physical Medicine

Naturopaths are trained in a variety of physical medicine modalities, including naturopathic manipulative therapy (NMT).  NMT involves manipulation of the joints of the skeletal system to improve mobility and fuction that may be compromised by injury or by activities of daily living.  Dr. Gloria primarily focuses on use of massage and craniosacral therapy.  These may be used in combination to achieve the best therapeutic outcome.

Natural Pharmacy

Naturopaths frequently prescribe items that may be dispensed in-office, online or at local retail outlets.  These include nutritional supplements, botanical medicines in the form of herbal teas and liquid extracts, homeopathics and more.  Dr. Gloria maintains a small medicinary of items for patient convenience and ease.  She utilizes Fullscript - an online dispensary - to ensure patients have easy access to the highest quality supplements available. 


Naturopathic medicine has a long history of using water therapies to envoke the body's inherent healing mechanisms.  Constitutional hydrotherapy involves the application of hot and cold towels in a timed, controlled fashion to stimulate digestion, immunity, detoxification pathways and to build the body's "constitution" or general strength and stamina for dealing with chronic illness, disease, stress and fatigue from our hurried, toxic world.

Pediatric Care

Dr. MB enjoys working with children on problem-focused issues. She does not currently provide well child exams, but these are offered by other providers in the clinic. Skin irritations, colds, flu, attention deficit, ear infections and much more can benefit from naturopathic treatments.  When conventional treatments are needed, natural options can provide support for helping the body deal with taking antibiotics or other prescription medications.

Women's Health

Naturopaths can provide support for all stages of a woman's life cycle.  Botanical medicines can be extremely effective for a variety of complaints from menstrual cramps to hot flashes.  Dr. Gloria can provide a variety of services, including annual exams, family planning and contraception, and hormone therapies when needed. 

Exercise Counseling

The benefits of exercise are too numerous to list in this small space, but the fact remains that many of us lack the motivation to routinely engage in meaningful movement- based activity.  Dr. MB prefers a model of exercise that incorporates a sense of joy rather than punishment and works with clients to determine what activities will best serve their fitness needs. 

Nutritional Evaluation

Dr. MB can work with you to evaluate your dietary intake of macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates) as well as micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and other co-factors for the body's enzymatic reactions) to determine if there are areas in need of change.  Testing for food sensitivities is also available.  Dr. MB also assesses patient need for nutritional supplementation.

Weight Management

We live in a world obsessed with physical appearances, yet there are undeniable health consequences of chronic obesity.  Dr. MB pursues a path of sustainable change that includes evaluation of factors that may be obstacles to weight loss, such as hormonal imbalance, malabsorption or environmental toxicity.  Food, physical activity and supplements play a synergystic role in helping people improve their long term health while learning to love the body they're in.

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