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Wimahl Family Clinic

Wimahl (Whim-All) Family Clinic is home to board-certified Family Medicine specialists Alexander Gloria, MD, and Adrian Tuttle, FNP. Dr. Mary Bess Gloria (or Dr. MB) joins them to round out the services offered to include holistic, naturopathic options for approaching illness from a functional medicine perspective. To avoid name confusion with the two Dr. Glorias, please refer to Dr. MB when contacting the office to schedule. We are truly a *Family* Clinic!



When Dr. MB started medical school in 1997, she couldn't fathom going an entire day without a Coca-Cola.  As a student of naturopathy, she began incorporating changes in her life as a result of her studies and new peer group and these days sweetened sodas don't even taste good to her. The journey to health is an ongoing practice and can often be influenced by social, cultural factors.  Dr. MB works with patients where they are along the path to embrace the necessary changes toward improved health.  Dr. MB has always faced health challenges in her own life by utilizing a combination of conventional and naturopathic treatments.  She values the role of physical movement and creative endeavours in the healing process.  


Dr. MB is a licensed naturopathic physician. She graduated in 2001 from the National College of Natural Medicine and joined the integrative team at Spirit of Health Wellness Clinic in Vancouver, Washington.  The Gloria family relocated to the Oregon coast in 2008. Dr. MB most recently had a medical practice at Astoria Integrative Family Medicine before joining Wimahl Family Clinic.


Alex and Mary Bess are parents to two children and a standard poodle named Gray.  They enjoy hiking and reaping the benefits of everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer! 

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