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Why naturopathy?


Naturopathic doctors are uniquely positioned at the crossroads of natural and conventional medicines.  They receive traditional training in diagnosis and management of disease while also learning natural methods to address and prevent illness, namely via nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and physical medicine. Physical medicine includes hydro- or water therapy, manipulation therapy and bodywork or massage.


Recent studies have shown that many doctors are unwilling or unable to talk to patients about making behavioral and lifestyle changes, but are more willing to prescribe medication to acutely treat chronic conditions.  Many chronic conditions can be prevented, delayed, or the risk of those diseases substantially reduced by modifying lifestyle variables.  Naturopaths excel in working with patients to improve these variables. 


Our Philosophy

Naturopaths view health concerns in the context of the whole body. Symptoms and illness are signals that the body’s natural state of homeostasis is disrupted. Using physical exam and laboratory findings to guide treatment, Dr. Gloria works with patients to develop a plan that incorporates dietary and lifestyle modifications suited to the patient’s needs. Dr. Gloria enjoys working with patients to develop a program for disease prevention. Steps are taken gradually to increase patient success in implementing changes.

Tools for improving your quality of life
Nutritional Supplements
Botanical Medicines
  • Chronic Disease​

  • Physical Exams for Adults

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Dietary & Nutritional Supplements

  • Guided Meditation and Breath Work

  • Clinical nutrition and nutritional counseling

  • Bodywork - massage and craniosacral therapy

  • Botanical medicine

  • Homeopathy & Bach Flower Remedies

  • Conventional therapies including prescription medications

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